Mahesh Bhatt Not Impressed With Filmmakers

Mahesh Bhatt Not Impressed With Filmmakers

Mahesh Bhatt was present in Vadodra for staging a play ‘Arth’ based on his landmark movie of the same name. He said in the event that he is not impressed with the Bollywood filmmakers of these days.

Mahesh Bhatt asserted, “The last film that I saw which was very Indian in its roots was City Lights. It had a great script, the performances from all the actors were brilliant and the director handled the subject excellently. I can’t say the same for most of the films being made in the industry today.”

The ace producer continued,” The impact of global culture on Indian psyche is pretty evident even in our entertainment industry and most characters from today’s films seem to be from a la-la land, which are very far removed from our cultural space. I cannot relate to them in any way at all. We need to reconnect the stories that we tell to our roots.”

He also introduced ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’, a Vidya Balan starrer as a movie with very Indian roots.

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