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Mahesh Babu’s Son Shoots for Nenokkadine

Mahesh Babu's Son Shoots for Nenokkadine

Prince Mahesh Babu‘s son Gautam Krishna finally announced his entry into films. Director Sukumar and filmmakers of 1-Nenokkadine shot some scenes on Jr Prince yesterday in London.

Sources say director Sukumar had very tough time in convincing Prince Mahesh Babu for his son’s debut. Source said “It was after great difficulty that (director) Sukumar convinced Mahesh to feature his son in the film. Initially, Mahesh felt Gautham was too young to enter films,” .

Gautam will be seen in the flash back episodes of the film and will be playing younger Mahesh Babu’s role. Film is made on 14 Reels Entertainment banner.

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