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Mahesh Babu taunts at Pawan

Mahesh Babu taunts at Pawan

With the teaser of “Aagadu” just released, Mahesh Babu for the first time is hinting at Pawan directly. Both Pawan and Mahesh evolve as number one actors of Tollywood because of their professional and personal charecters, who do not take rivalry with each other. But now, after a spectacular show in “Gabbar Singh”, Mahesh has been directly targeting Pawan with satirical remarks. To prove it he was heard saying “‘Cinemala Prabhaavam Janaala Meeda Entha Undo Theleedu Gaani… Punch Dialogues Prabhaavam Maathram Baaga Undi. Prathi Vaadu Pululu, Simhaalu, Enugulu, Elakaltho Yedava Comparisons… Kamparam Vachesthundi.’ ”

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