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Mahesh Babu Number 1 on Twitter

Mahesh Babu Number 1 on TwitterMahesh Babu ranked first on Twitter in Hyderabad by followers as per twitaholic.com. Trisha ranked first on Twitter by followers in Chennai. Trisha has over 101,400 followers on Twitter (@trishtrashers).

“N yes,super thrilled 2 have crossed the 1 lakh mark.Thx u guys.Ur the best:)I may not tweet too often but I sure read al my posts n comments”, tweeted Trisha after crossing one lakh mark of followers.

Is it Trisha or some ghost writer the actress has hired? In the above tweet, she says that she will read all her posts!

Even 140-character messages prove burden for celebrities. Twitter has become an important marketing tool for celebrities to promote their movies and their brand value.

Even politicians and businessmen are approaching the social media. It is rumoured that Mahesh Babu’s tweets are handled by his wife. Mahesh Babu has over 162,550 followers but he is not following anyone. Mahesh Babu’s Twitter profile picture T- shirt endorses Provogue. Mahesh is brand ambassador to Provogue.

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