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Mahesh Babu Inaugurates SI Mall: GHMC Closes It

Mahesh Babu Inaugurates SI Mall: GHMC Closes It

Amidst glitz and glamour, Tollywood star Mahesh Babu inaugurated the South India Shopping Mall at Kukatpally on October 4 and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on October 5 sealed the complex as the mall did not have an occupancy certificate (OC) which is mandatory for any building.

According to reports, A V Krishnam Raju and others obtained permission for construction of the commercial building with two cellars and five floors in Plot No.17 to 20 at Kukatpally.

As per by-law number 13 of the Municipal Corporation Building Rules 1981, no building can be occupied until an OC is issued by the civic authority.

The building owner had applied for OC on September 22 but it was rejected as several rules were violated. The road widening portion of 100 feet was not left and an electric transformer was erected on the road. Also, a cellar and sub-cellar were constructed with setback deviation towards the 100 feet road widening portion. The building is still incomplete as per by-law no.13

However, the builder has let out the building to South India shopping mall and the building was occupied without getting the same. GHMC, therefore, sealed the building.

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