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Mahankali Movie Review

Mahankali Movie Review

Rajasekhar after a long break from silver screen is back as Mahankali once again with his tried and tested formula of powerful police officer. Let us see what magic he created as Mahankali


Encounter specialist Mahankali (Rajasekhar) is specially transferred to Hyderabad by Home Minister Sudarshan Reddy(Jeeva) to control terror attacks, gang wars in the city.Litle did Mahankali realise that Home Minister has vested interests in elminating rival gangs of Nayak operating in the city and Dubai based Harshad Bhai(Pradeep Rawat) who conducts operations through local aides Laddu and politician Jayakka (Nalini) who aspires to become CM.

How Mahankali prevents their nefarious designs and save his mother(Annapurna), lover Taneesha(Madhurima) forms rest of the story.


Rajasekhar performed well as police officer. Madhurima had no role to perform and her screen presence is limited. Kausha appeared in a special number. Pradeep Rawat did hit bit as baddie. Others did their job accordingly.

Plus points
Rajasekhar action
Pradeep Rawat villainism

Minus Points
Slow pace
weak screenplay, direction
Routine storyline
lack of comedy, romance


Jeevitha as director chose a routine script and seems to be at her wits end as to how to end the film. In trying to elevate hero’s character she made main villain role a comedian. Villain begging hero to join his group looked atrocious and infact bought down the level of hero character. Jeevitha failed in generating interest in the story except confusing viewers with rampant killings which left people wonder who is killing whom.


Production values are ok. Editing could have been better. Music by Chinna is just ordinary but background score is good.


Mahankali scares movie lovers.

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

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