Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Repeat audiences are sure for this celluloid wonder

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review

Any artiste needs a platform to show his talent. He cannot depend on the name and fame of their parents for long as he should prove himself. He just cannot carry on with the image of their elders. Ramcharan got a chance to make his presence in films and his debut film ‘Chiruta’ is just an okay film. However, Mega fans made the film a big success out of love and affection of his father Chiranjeevi. Not just relying on the fans any more, Ramcharan decided to prove himself that he is an excellent artiste. Rajamouli gave him the opportunity to prove his strength as an artiste and the subject also perfectly suited the body language of Ramcharan.

Harsha (Ramcharan) is fond of stunts with bikes. He used to earn money through bike races. He sees Indu (Kajal) at a busstop waiting for an autorickshaw and Harsha accidentally touches her hand and gets a shock. It was a surprise and it reminds him about something special. Again he meets her and soon both of them become good friends and later they fall in love. Indu’s father (Surya) fights a litigation for his ancestral property at Udayagiri, which was occupied by his brother-in-law. The latter’s son Ranadhir (Dev Gill) turns spell-bound by watching Indu’s stunning beauty and goes to their home and promises to return the entire property with a view to marry Indu. Meanwhile, Ranadhir

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review

comes to know about the love story between Harsha and Indu and it is not new and it dates back to some 400 years. Ranadhir’s guru Ghora (Rao Ramesh) tells him that he just cannot win Indu as long as Harsha is alive. On learning that Indu’s father accepted her love towards Harsha, Ranadhir kills him and implicates Harsha in the murder. Later, Ranadhir takes away Indu to Udayagiri. Though Harsha tries to explain the truth to Indu, she did not believe him. In the process, Harsha drops from the helicopter and falls in a pond only to be saved by Solomon (Srihari). After Solomon saved him, Harsha recollects the past. Here comes the flashback. Indu is the daughter of Udayagiri king (Saratbabu) and Bhairava (Ramcharan) is her bodyguard. Ranadhir is the nephew of the king. Once, Bhairava and Ranadhir fight for supremacy and those who win the game would marry Indu and would become the future king. Bhairava wins the contest, but the king pleads with Bhairava to sacrifice the love, as none of the ancestors of Bhairava live more than 30 years. Bhairava accepts his plea and doesn’t reveal his love. Ranadhir, who lost the contest, turn envious and joins hands with Sher Khan (Srihari), conquers the fort and kills the king. On learning Bhairava and Indu were offering prayers at Bhairavakona, Sherkhan, Ranadhir and their army go there and challenge Bhairava. The latter single handedly kills 100 soldiers. As Sher Khan bows his head to Bhairava’s courage, Ranadhir kills Indu and gets killed in the hands of Bhairava. Bhairava too succumbs to injuries. All the three take a rebirth in this era and the same enmity continues even in this birth. Finally, the film ends with the killing of Ranadhir by Harsha.

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review


Ramcharan gave a matured performance in the film. He improved a lot in body language, dialogue modulation and looks. His macho figure suited perfectly in the flashback episodes. Moreover, he proved his mettle in dance sequences. In the very first song, which is a remix of Chiranjeevi’s ‘Bangaru Kodipetta…’, Ramcharan proved that he too could dance on par with his father. In almost all the songs, he showed extreme ease in dances. Even the choreography of action scenes were also perfect and suited him well. Kajal Agarwal, who played heroine in the film, too got an opportunity to prove that she too could perform well. Especially, she sported the royal image as a princess in the flashback episode. She proved that she is just not a glamour girl but also got the capability to perform. Dev Gill who played the villain also gave his best. His character was perfectly etched by the director as a womaniser. Though appeared in a couple of scenes, Srihari gave a tremendous performance. He outsmarted in the role of Sher Khan and tried to give comedy through Solomon’s role. Other artistes including Saratababu, Rao Ramesh, Surya and others did justice to their roles. The only drawback of the film is that it lacked comedy in the desired level. Senior artistes like Brahmanandam, Sunil and others failed to tickle the funny bone as the director did not concentrate much on the comedy track.

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review


Cinematography by Senthil Kumar attracts the audiences and in fact, it was he who is responsible for repeat audiences for the film. He made the film a celluloid wonder by perfectly mixing the graphics used in the film with the regular film. The audiences could not just differentiate which is a real set and which was made with the help of graphics. The perfect mixture of the graphic and the regular and routine shoot made the film a feast to the eyes of audiences. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s seniority in editing the film was also superb as he moulded the film in a very interesting manner. Art work by Ravinder is another department which needs to be commended. He reproduced the Udayagiri fort and its ramparts perfectly. It gave life to the flashback episode. Dialogues by M Ratnam are adequate and Vijayendra Prasad gave an extraordinary story for the film to suit the image and body language of the hero. Last but not the least, we have to mention the directorial ability of SS Rajamouli. He gave a double hattrick and this is seventh hit in his career. His wife Rama Rajamouli perfectly supported him with excellent selection of costumes for the artistes. It was Rajamouli who made the film very gripping and interesting. Though he took a very long time for the shooting, the audiences felt justified for the delay in making the film. Production values of Gita Arts are superb and Allu Aravind, who had produced the film would definitely be rewarded suitably. Both the producer and director proved that Telugu film industry is second to none as the film gave a feel to the audiences that they were watching a Hollywood film.

Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera Movie Review


Bringing out love stories or subjects with action backdrop to attract mass audiences is not new to the Telugu film industry. However, the director chose to mesmerise the audiences by bringing out a fantastic love story and linked it to a love story that dated back to some 400 years. The director filled complete energy in the film and no doubt, the graphic works and modern technology were perfectly used for the movie. As a whole the film reminds the audiences of watching a Hollywood movie, with perfect local flavour.

Cast: Ramcharan, Kajal Agarwal, Srihari, Dev Gill, Saratbabu, Rao Ramesh, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Surya, Sameer, Hema, Mumait Khan, Kim Sarma, Saloni and others

Credits: Story – Vijayendra Prasad, Dialogues – M Ratnam, camera is by KK Senthil Kumar, Cinematography – Senthil Kumar, Editing – Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Styling – Rama Rajamouli, Art – Ravinder, Presents – Allu Ramalingaiah, Action – Peter Haynes and Ram-Lakshman, Screenplay and direction – SS Rajamouli.

Banner: Geetha Arts

Released on: July 31, 2009

The Rating

3 .5 out of 5

Review by Aparichithudu

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10 Responses to “Magadheera Movie Review”

  1. prashanthbr says:

    Ram charan tej has shown mature action in this film.
    ss rajmouli sir is one the best in dout
    magadheera ruling the box office.

    First Half : 3/5
    Second half: 4.5/5

    Movie is watchable 3 to 5 times

    Here are some highs and lows of the movie


    * First scene of the movie (where he tries to touch kajal)
    * Bagaru kodi petta song – dance is awesome
    * chasing the bus on a horse (Superb)
    * Panchdara Bomma Bomma song (charans expressions are superb)
    * Helicopter scene (where he hangs on to helicopter)
    * kala Bhairava charater introduction is awesome
    * Villeins acting is really good in first and second half
    * Horse helping bhairava in the second half
    * Dialogue between srihari sir and charan before fight with 100 men
    * Fight with 100 men was superb (especially last 6 were awesome)
    * Dheera dheers song is superb
    * Background score is excellent
    * Art work is cool
    * The lost song is good (Magadheera)


    * Chiranjeevi’s appearance was ok but not too good
    * Climax is not upto the mark of expectations

    2009 Awards:
    Best Director : SS Rajmouli sir
    Best Actor : Ram Charan Tej
    Best Music : Keravani sir
    Best negative role or villein : Devgil (magadheera)

    and many more for sure for Magadheera.

  2. chandusnm says:

    Magadheera movie was really great to watch…..No tollywood film came in these days with love and action backdrop related to rebirth……Ram charan tej had improved a lot and he almost attracted the audience with his expressions in the first half especially in panchadara bomma song….and he is looking so cute…..with his expressions……
    It was not like second movie of Ram charan…..he had done his charecter Kala bhairava that he had an experience in acting so many films…….He had done a great job in dancing for bangaru kodi petta song and others are also good……..
    Charan’s horse riding in first half for chasing the bus is too good……and the helicopter scene ramcharan done a feet was really mindblowing……..
    Kajal did her roles very nice both in first and second halves….
    Chiru sir apperance after bangaru kodi petta was really superb to watch our megastar again on big screen……charan and chiru conversation in the movie rocks………..
    S.S.Rajamouli sir direction is superb and the best scene and my favourite is horse helping Bhairava to win the crown and mitra’s heart……was really great awesome scene…………………
    Fighting 100men at once is good……
    Dialogues between srihari sir and charan before fighting was really good …..
    Srihari sir even played a couple of scenes he also remained as good character in audience….
    Keeravani sir given good songs and Dheera Dheera song was great….
    Finally I should say that Ram charan is the only man to stand for MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI’s name again in tollywood industry………
    This film stands up for many rewards and 2009 awards and breaks previous tollywood records……

  3. Pavan says:

    Second half of the film, and the first song is awesome…..Great work by charan…..

  4. saisri says:

    picture is so good its all abt related bc

  5. manoj says:

    film is not in reality,a port is shown in udaygadh graphic,but there is no water way in rajasthan,sound effects and action are marvellous.

  6. manoj says:

    recently attached scenes are of good idea but not impressing because its so lengthy

  7. hari krishna says:

    who is the dance direction for the song bangari kodipetta

  8. naidu says:

    magadeera flm is very good for watching
    deera deera song is very good making
    want one more like this film sir

  9. neha says:

    in this filim kajal is overacting.kajal;s death sceane has no reality.