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Madras High Court clears Dasavatharam

The Madras High Court on Thursday dismissed a petition seeking a direction to film certification authorities to change the title of the Kamal Hassan starrer Dasavatharam and delete some scenes, paving the way for the movie’s release.
A Division Bench, comprising Justice K Venkatraman and M Satyanarayana, dismissed the case saying the name Dasavatharam was an ancient historical and religious one and nobody could object its usage since there was no intellectual property rights attached to it. “As regards the deletion of some scenes the petitioner cannot demand for the same since they have not watched the film,” the Bench observed.
Describing the petitioner’s claims of scenes in which Kamal Haasan allegedly steps on the ‘OM’ mantra and tramples on the Bhagawad Gita as imaginary assumption of the petitioner, the Bench said the scenes were only a fiction born out of imagination.
Since the petitioners had not watched the movie their apprehension lack substance, the Bench said while dismissing the case.

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