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Madonna uses own furniture for directorial project

Madonna uses own furniture for directorial project

New York, Aug 31, Pop queen Madonna seems to be cutting costs on the production of her directorial project “W.E.” as she is using her personal furniture in the film.

The shooting for “W.E.” started in London in July and Madonna, who is reportedly financing the movie herself, has been bringing furniture from her house to use on the sets, reports nypost.com.

Her representative has said that Madonna is involved in “all aspects” of the movie.

Right now she is shooting in New York.

Madonna had earlier directed “Filth and Wisdom” which released in 2008. She was also the writer of a documentary titled “I Am Because We Are”.

“W.E.” is a two-tier tale about Britain’s King Edward VIII’s relationship with American Wallis Simpson and a modern story regarding a woman called Wally Simpson. Madonna also took part in writing the screenplay of the film.

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