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Madhuri Mesmerises all with Mobile Apps

Madhuri Mesmerises all with Mobile Apps

Madhuri Dixit seems to have learned the art of keeping in touch with fans and movie lovers living in their hearts forever. So this dancing diva after launching a personal website, has taken a new step to get closer to her fans through a mobile application.

The application, available on all iOS devices, complements her official web page www.madhuridixit-nene.com.Speaking to media she issued a statement saying “People carry a phone with them all the time, so an app (application) is a wonderful device to stay connected with fans in their time and space,”.

The application will soon be made available in Android phones.Currently available on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), will connect Madhuri’s fans to her pictures, videos and exclusive content on beauty, fashion and dance. Madhuri is making her comeback with films like Gulab Gang and Dedh Ishqiya.

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