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Madhavan and Rishi Kapoor in Ghar Jamai

Madhavan and Rishi Kapoor in Ghar Jamai

Ananth Mahadevan, who made the successful sitcom Ghar Jamai for TV, is making a film based on it. The script for the film is ready and it will star R Madhavan as the son-in-law and Rishi Kapoor as the father-in-law. The film will have NRI background in Canada and will be shot there.

In the TV serial Ghar Jamai, Satish Shah played the father-in-law and R Madhavan played the son-in-law. While Satish Shah is a Punjabi, Madhavan was a Tamilian. The serial was a big hit.

In the film, Rishi Kapoor will play a Punjabi father-in-law and Madhavan a Tamilian son-in-law who stays put in the in-law’s house. The shooting of the film is likely to start in January 2012.

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