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‘Maaya’ is Lucky for Harshvardhan

‘maaya’ Is Lucky For Harshvardhan

Actor Harshvardhan Rane has joined hands with director Ravi Babu for the second time for Telugu horror-thriller film ‘‘Avunu 2’ which is a sequel of ‘Avunu’ which was released in 2012.
Talking to media Harsh said, “I have signed Ravi Babu’s ‘Avunu 2’. One of the biggest production houses will produce the film and I’m really excited about it.”
In the meantime Rane’s upcoming film which is a Telugu thriller ‘Maaya’ will be releasing on Friday and after that he will start with ‘Avunu 2’ on the same day.
Harshvardhan has recently completed shooting of a Hindi romantic-comedy named ‘Satra ko Shaadi Hain’. Talking to media he said, “Ever since I signed ‘Maaya’, I have been extremely lucky. First I signed my first Bollywood project, and now on its release day, I’ll start shooting for ‘Avunu 2’.”

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