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Luv U Soniyo Movie Review

Luv U Soniyo Movie Review

Bollywood continues to borrow from films of yore. We rehash love stories tirelessly, refurbishing the age-old premise to suit the present-day spectators. LUV U SONIYO, directed by Joe Rajan, too follows the same routine we are so accustomed to witnessing.

LUV U SONIYO is about Mark [Tanuj Virmani] and Soniyo [Neha Hinge], who, since their childhood, have been brought together by fate, time after time, only to be drawn apart each time. But destiny has its own plans for these two, who belong to two completely different worlds.

LUV U SONIYO is an amalgamation of loosely knitted episodes with the usual monotony of mush that is broken by the few light moments, which come as a welcome respite. There’s not much of drama here. Nor does it have moments that make you pine for the lovers. The culmination, therefore, doesn’t give you the feeling of euphoria. Besides, the overtone of Goan culture seems a bit over the top here.

Director Joe Rajan knows the technicalities right, but he is saddled with an unenergetic script. A couple of songs are tuneful though.

Tanuj is strictly okay. Neha seems like just any other plain Jane. The supporting cast comprising of Puneet Issar, Avtar Gill, Joy Fernandes, Bunty Grewal, Himani Shivpuri and Viveck Vaswani are functional. Howard Rosemeyer irritates after a point.

On the whole, LUV U SONIYO is yet another addition to the old-school romantic film!

The Rating
2 out of 5
Review by Taran Adarsh
Source by :http://www.bollywoodhungama.com

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