Luv Sinha looks like Robert Pattinson?

Luv Sinha looks like Robert Pattinson?

Nothing can beat this observation – flop actor Luv Sinha looks like Hollywood star Robert Pattinson!

Apparently someone told Luv of his uncanny resemblance with Pattinson, who played an endearing vampire in the “Twilight” series.

“Damn I can’t stop laughing. Someone commented that I look like Edward Cullen of ‘Twilight’! Seriously?”

The actor, who made his debut with box office dud “Sadiyaan”, even went to the extent of posting his picture alongside Pattinson for a comparison.

One Response to “Luv Sinha looks like Robert Pattinson?”

  1. Arkansas says:

    Robert Pattinson? Who else in the world will say they look like the incredibly beautiful Robert Pattinson?