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Loving many girls at same moment is wisdom’ – RGV

Loving many girls at same moment is wisdom’ - RGV

What do you love to watch on a silver screen, garbage cans of girl’s legs? Asks Ram Gopal Varma in a TV channel interview, unleashing his thoughts and inner side.

RGV carried on saying, “Audiences are not gays to watch something else. God’s best work is women and their curvaceous bodies, amongst the crap he created. So everyone loves to enjoy watching that hot creation on silver screen”.

“I don’t care about what others think. ‘I’m in a place where light is not needed at all. Whenever it is required I’ll truly switch on the light”, said Ramu when the interviewer asked ‘At a time when you’re busy in Bollywood, you never looked at Telugu film industry. But now when you’re busy here, we’re feeling you will leave Tollywood immediately’.

When asked about the girl in his life, RGV asserted, “I left loving one girl at a time, but started loving many girls at same moment. That happens to be a discovery of wisdom for me”.

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