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Love Cycle Movie Review

Love Cycle Movie Review


Story begins with a fashion magazine writer Reshma named as Saranya who writes articles on love and affection to come a innovate content on how to dump a boy friend. But her ideas rejected by her boss, later she decides to prove practically by dumping a boy for that she select Sree named as Gautham playboy who is working for an Ad agency. Reshma and Gautam get together and they will start spending their time. Is rehama idea work outs? What happens next? Rest of story on screens

Plus Points

Sree and Reshma performance
Comdey Timing
Sentimental scene in Second half
Reference to Pawan Kalyan at the end is good


Screen play
Some Scenes get boring.
Placement of songs
Slow pace of film


Sapan kumar have good story but the screenplay lacks clarity. Except for some good comedy scenes and some emotional content this film has nothing to offer. Sapan Kumar’s direction and screen play undid the film. Narration of the movie is in slow pace. That is not up to the mark. This affected the hard work of Sri and Reshma who tried hard to recreate Ee Rojullo magic.

Technical values

Cinematography is just about OK in this film. Many scenes could have been chopped off on the editing table. Music of the film is also below average and none of the songs manage to impress. Only saving grace is the background score and dialogues.

Final Talk

Lovecycle is tough to be convey, better to ignore the movie for this weekend

The Rating

2 out of 5

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