Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

Director Muppalaneni Siva, who gave big hits like Raja, Sandade Sandadi, Sankranti, which had family subjects in the backdrop, this time chose a youthful love story with college in its backdrop. Moreover, he chose new faces for his film this time. But with several films to his credit as a director, he managed to deal with the artistes easily and was able to extract the acting talents in each of them. The film appears to have been inspired by the recent hit film ‘Happy Days’ till the interval bang. But takes a twist and turns into a different way.

There is a group of five friends with two girls among them in Bapatla Engineering College.

Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

Anand(Nischal) leads the gang. Of them, there is one Prabhu, whose father (Bhuvanachandra), is very strict about his studies. He puts his son in complete discipline. All the five enjoy the college life and a day comes where the campus recruitment starts going on. Everyone participate in it and four of them get a job in a multi-national company. But the four refuse to join the job as all the five want to work for a company together. Pleased with their strong bond of friendship, the company selects Prabhu who missed the selection earlier. Even as they were enjoying their selection in the college, Prabhu’s father forcibly takes him away and gets him married against his wishes. After his return, Prabhu did not reveal about his marriage to his friends and he manages to get posting away in Mumbai, while the remaining four seek jobs in Vizag. He separates with his friends by feeling guilty for not inviting his friends to his marriage. Later, the remaining four continue to live together and the girls get married and to continue their friendship, they stay together by constructing a villa with four different portions in that building. At this juncture, Anand and the other guy go to a place on a project work. During their train journey Anand falls in love with Anjali, who was in his opposite berth. Accidentally, Anand comes to know that Anjali manages a digital photo store and their friendship grows. Once Anjali calls up Anand and invites him to lunch. But Anand says he will come with his friends. Even before he express his love, he gets a shocking news that Anjali is none other than Prabhu’s wife. Then he repents and starts making efforts to know the whereabouts of Prabhu. One day one Rajeh calls him from Bangkok saying Prabhu was there. So Anand and Anjali go to Bangkok and start searching for him. Anand comes to know that Prabhu married another girl in Bangkok and they had a daughter too. He did not want to reveal it to Anjali but she comes to know when Anand talks to Rajesh about this. Knowing fully well that Anand had sacrificed his love for his friendship, Anjali decides to forget Prabhu, as he deserted her immediately and marries Anand. The film ends on a happy note with all the five uniting again and launch a company on their own and visit the college for campus recruitment.


Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

Though novices Nischal, Karthik, Abhiram, Meenakshi Deekshit, Monali Choudary gave a nice performance. Especially, Nischal performed well before the camera, though he is very new to it. He showed good ease in dances and one fight. Moreover, his body language to is very casual and did not show any fear while facing the camera. Meenakshi Dikshit also showcased good performance and she got a good chance to prove her acting capabilities and at the same time, she got a good chance to shake legs with Nischal in duets. Other artistes including Karthik, Abhiram, Ananya and Monali Choudary too did justice to their roles. For the first time, Bhuvanachandra made his screen presence as an artiste and proved that he could do well on the screen as well. However, he sought someone’s voice for dubbing. Narayana Rao, Sana and Sivaparvathi appeared in a couple of scenes. Brahmanandam once again flashed on the screen to tickle the funny bone of the audiences.


All the songs in the film were choreographed well on the screen and the chemistry between

Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

Nischal and Meenakshi Dikshit was perfect in dances. Not only the songs are good to watch, some of them were also penned with good literary values to suit the situation. Music by Srija is okay though not very impressive. Story by Ghatikachalam is normal till the interval bang and the twists in the second half made the audiences to sit tight in seats. Dialogues by Ghatikachalam are also okay. Cinematography by Steadycam Prasad is good and he captured the beauty of Bangkok as well as the scenes with college backdrop with the same precision. Muppalaneni Siva, penned perfect screenplay for the film and this helped the audiences not to feel bored with right placement of songs every time when the audiences feel like boring. The director succeeded in his attempt in portraying the lifestyle of the students and presented on the celluloid how different students behave in their college.


Though the film has nothing new to offer, the twists and the accurate movement and twists made the film worth watching. The film is not boring and reminds the audiences of many other films

Life Style Telugu movie review

Life Style Telugu movie review

with college backdrop in general and ‘Happy Days’ in particular. The film upheld the values of friendship, love and sacrifice. It may attract the college going youth, provided the producer gives it proper publicity. The film had no obscene scenes and could be watched by the entire family sitting together. Moreover, the film depicts that the present generation youth realized the value of time, and are not wasting it. Moreover, they want to use their time constructively by setting certain goals for themselves. They are struggling hard to achieve those goals.

Cast: Nischal, Karthik, Abhiram, Meenakshi Deekshit, Monali Choudary, Ananya, Bhuvanachandra, Yaswant, Brahmanandam, Giribabu, Melkote, Narayana Rao, Anant, Ambati Seenu, Sana, and Sivaparvathi.

Credits: Story and dialogues – Ghatikachalam, Camera – Steadycam Prasad, Music – Srija, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Presents – Oruganti Madhusudhan Reddy, Producer – Oruganti Ramakrishna, Sri Madhav Patnaik, Screenplay and direction – Muppalaneni Siva.

Banner: SM Cinemax

Released on: August 15, 2009

Review by Aparichithudu

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3 Responses to “Life Style Telugu movie review”

  1. cinemacinema says:

    The review is just copied from The reviewer cannot copy from one website to other. It is an offence.

    Today, I watched the movie, and let me tell you, it is a very good – feel good movie. All the artists have done a wonderful job. The director has shown his brilliant performance by extracting the right kind of performance from every one.

    Coming to characterwise performance,
    1) Nishal : He plays Anand role. He has done a good job. But what i felt was he has failed in showing up his commitment during the entire course of the movie. He looks like an uncle in the second half, probably he has eaten too much during his second half, and not concentrated on his looks. Nischal, if you are reading this, beware that you have to maintain your body and attitude if you want to stay in the industry.

    2) Kartik: He plays Prabhu character. Well , short and sweet character. Apt to his role. He has justified his presence in the movie. The emotions and sentiments in the movie revolve round his role, and he has done a good job. He probably needs to pay some more attention to his costumes to give an additional look to the movie. Overall, fairly good job.

    3) Abhiram: He plays Lucky character. He shares most of the scenes with Anand. He has done a good job. I could not stop myself laughing for his comedy. He too shares a good presence on the screen. Looks are good. The make up in some of the scenes are not that apt to the situation. The costumes are also not that rich. He seems like he is ready to explode to show his performance on any scene given to him, especially the train and the pool scene is presented by him in a laughable and funny way. Good performance by Abhiram. Probably another hero in our industry.

    4) Meenakshi: She plays Anjali character. Very good job Anjali. Nice dance, good performance. She has a good future.

    5) Monali and Ananya: They play Priya and Nandini characters. Suitable to their roles. Justified their presence. Need to work on their looks.

  2. admin says:

    Hi @cinemacinema
    Thanks for your reply.
    This review was posted on our site initially. And the reviewer is writing for our site since long time.

    Thanks for your concern.

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