Life Is Beautiful Movie Review

Life Is Beautiful Movie Review

The Film

Life Is beautiful is a coming of age film dealing with six youngsters set in the cluster of varying characters all living in a middle class housing colony in Hyderabad.

The Synopsis

Since I did not find any story as such in the film, I am reproducing the synopsis as posted in the official website of Amigos Creations, the production house of Sekhar Kammula:

“Life Is Beautiful is a coming of age story of six youngsters, set in the beautiful nostalgic world of a working-middle class neighborhood. The film tracks their journey through the different seasons, festivals, romances, street cricket, colony fights, and family gatherings. With the beginning of responsibilities, and adulthood looming around the corner, their dreams and aspirations bring them all together, to make the whole experience magical. Life is Beautiful is a story about new beginnings. It is a celebration of life and its smaller joys.”

The Performances

Shriya Saran is vivacious and pretty carefree, as she usually is. Anjala Zaveri is as beautiful as ever and is quite talented. Wonder why she is not seen on screen more often! Amala Akkineni is all poise and verve. She hasn’t lost any of her charm in spite of the accumulated years. All the newcomers perform well in their author backed roles. In fact, they do not appear like newbies at all while performing. The rest of the cast fit their cameos.

The Techniques

Sekhar Kammula seem to have been hooked on to the Happy Days format as it is replicated in Life Is Beautiful as well with a housing colony backdrop replacing that of a college campus. With multiple characters, the screenplay of the film looks like an overcrowded slow moving passenger train with people hurriedly getting in and getting out at every station.

As there is no specific characterisation etched for any of the principal actors, the entire film gives the feeling of a lethargic collage of listless incidents. The viewer has no leeway to empathise with any character. The dialogues are well written. The music is good. Cinematography is pleasing.

The Verdict

Life Is Beautiful is beautifully conceived but the execution may not be described as beautiful by many like me. Somehow, you get the feeling of being a hapless watchman at a housing colony helplessly watching the uninteresting lives of the residents.

The film has a body of frames, but sadly no enthusiastic mind and no soulful spirit at all. That vital energy, which gives the required momentum to the narration, is grossly missing. Some of the audience may feel nostalgic watching the film; but, nostalgia is not a synonym for entertainment. Life is truly beautiful for the characters in the film, but it isn’t for many of those watching the movie.

The feeling is similar to going to the Paradise Restaurant for chicken biryani and you get the taste of Avakaya Biryani!

For once, Sekhar Kammula succeeds in disappointing me and perhaps many others.

The Cast and Crew
Shriya Saran, Anjala Zaveri, Amala Akkineni, Abhijeet Duddala, Sudhakar Komakula, Kaushik, Shagun Kaur, Zara Shah, Rashmi Shastri, Surekha Vani, Kavya, Naveen, Vijay Devarakonda, Sanjeev, Sriram and others

Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Written, Produced & Directed by: Sekhar Kammula
Banner: Amigos Creations

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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