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Life Again Foundation Now In Hyderabad

Life Again Foundation Now In Hyderabad

Popular actress Gauthami had launched a social organisation titled ‘Life Again Foundation’ in an attempt to help extend a helping hand to cancer victims. The foundation will also work to enlighten the people in general and the cancer patients in particular about the disease. Mala, co-producer of Madras Talkies and Hyma Reddy of Hyderabad are the co-founders. The branch of ‘Life Again Foundation’ was launched at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad recently. Speaking on the occasion, Gauthami says, ‘I fought cancer and survived. Every year, crores of people are succumbing to the cancer disease. In order to save at least a few of them and to enlighten the steps to prevent cancer among the people, and in case, if someone turns a victim to the cancer, what kind of treatment and what are the steps to be taken by those patients, we launched this ‘Life Again Foundation’. Mala and Hyma Reddy are assisting me in running the foundation and we are making efforts to take our foundation to the world-level. Our foundation would also enlighten about other dangerous diseases besides cander, Gauthami says. The guests on the occasion Manoj Nandan, Rahul and Sudhakar wished the Life Again Foundation would flourish and help people.

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