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Lawrence To Build A Temple For His Mother In Chennai

Lawrence To Build A Temple For His Mother In Chennai

Raghava Lawrence is basically a choreographer. Later her turned a director with the blessings of Akkineni Nagarjuna and directed him for ‘Mass’. The film was a hit. Later, he had directed several movies. His latest films with horror and thriller subjects like ‘Muni, Muni-2 (Kanchana)’ were runaway hits and Muni-3 (Kanchana-2) is in progress now. His other films ‘Style, Don and Rebel’ were also moderate hits. Now the subject matter is that Raghava Lawrence is very fond of his mother and for him she is the goddess. In order to show respect to her, he is constructing a temple for her. According to information available, some special designer from Rajasthan are working round the clock to carve her statue. Earlier, Raghava had built a temple for Raghavendra Swamy and offers puja in the temple regularly. Now, he had decided to build another temple for ‘Gayatri Mata’ and in that temple, his mother’s statue would be erected in a meditative posture. On Mother’s Day, the actor released pictures of the temple and the statue of his mother that is to be kept in the temple. Sources close to Lawrence revealed that he wanted to dedicate the temple to all the mothers in the world.

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