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Lawrence Album On Rajani Launched

Lawrence album

There Are Millions of  fans for Super Star Rajanikanth and everyone celebrated their ‘Thalailvar’ birthday in their own style. Some even expressed their love and affection in their own way. Lawrence is one such die hard fan and he recently tuned a album on Rajanikanth. The music album was launched a day before Superstar’s birthday by none Other than Rajani’s wife Latha Rajanikanth.Vijay Anthony scored music for the album.
Lawrence who turned emotional said ‘I have explained to Rajini sir that the lyrics are very simple expressing my emotions as an ardent fan without any exaggerations in it. When I and Vijay played the final output for him ,Rajini sir started clapping and we have seen him that he felt very happy’. Music director Vijay Anthony also said. I am thankful to Lawrence and it’s a great opportunity once in a life time. Numbers of music companies have asked us for marketing, we said no and we have not done it for money. Then there is no value in gifting this album to Rajini sir’.Click the below links to listen the audio.

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