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Lawrence’s Horror Film Ganga is a Hit

Lawrence’s Horror Film Ganga is a Hit

Director and choreographer Lawrence earlier film Kanchana was a superhit with the audience. His latest movie”Ganga” starring himself, Taapsee and Nithya Menon was released recently and has been declared a hit. As with this previous horror themes, Ganga is the story of a ghost couple who were wrongfully killed before they could get married-and when Lawrence and Tapsee land in Bheemli for shooting a horror film for Green TV-they get possessed.

Watch how the ghosts take their revenge using these both. The film has its usual comedy track with Kovai Sarala and is good to watch-though could have been better in its narration. Ganga is the Telugu version of Muni 3 and has been a huge hit since it was released on May 1’.

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