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Latest Harry Potter may break box-office records

Latest Harry Potter may break box-office records

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which earned critical acclaim and wide appreciation from Potter fans is predicted to break the weekend record of box office collections.

The film has already set a record, as the movie sold 32 million dollars worth of tickets online in advance. This is the biggest advance sale for any movie in history so far.

The box-office forecasters believe that the film might also set a weekend record, breaking the earlier one that The Dark Knight had set in 2008 with 158.4 million dollars in ticket sales.

The short length of the 3-D movie, just 130 minutes, will even allow the theaters to increase the number of showtimes for the movie, thus adding on more to the profit which will make this film the biggest grosser of all Harry Potter films.

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