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Kunal Kapoor Caught By Europe Cops

Kunal Kapoor Caught By Europe Cops

Bollywood has a new hobby. Actors there are competing to fly. Some of them stepping into cockpits, some others in diving. Young actor Kunal Kapoor tried to do a similar thing in Europe and caught by the Police. Though he is a certified sky diver and aspiring become a professional pilot, he was almost put behind the bars.

Kunal was away holidaying in Europe. On the request of local sky diving buddies, he tried to do base jumping. They chose a cliff in the countryside to try out the sport and just when they were ready to jump, they were busted by local policemen. Base jumping is a particularly dangerous sport that led to number of fatal accidents in the past and is even restricted in certain areas.

The cops explained that Sky diving was banned in the area. The actor and his friends had to spend considerable amount of time cajoling the cops, who then left them with a warning. He recollected the experience saying, “We were not doing anything illegal. It’s just about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The 33 year old Kunal Kapoor, who started pursuing flying last year, is two exams away to become a professional pilot. Kunal now took a break from the shoot of Don 2 due to the incident.

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