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Kuberulu movie review- a comedy without many laughs

Kuberulu movie review

Ali, Sivaji, Krishna Bhagwan, Farzana, Hema, Apoorva, Kinnera, Ranjitha, Kondavalasa, AVS, Raghu Babu, Kousha, Suman Setty, Shakuntala, Duvvasi Mohan etc
Story: Siva-Suresh

Dialogues: Dasari Brahmam
Cinematography: Ram Pinisetty
Producers: Karuturi Srinivas, Yaganti Srinivas
Screenplay-Direction: Srinivas Reddy

Kuberulu movie review

The Film

Kuberulu from Srinivasa Reddy is a disappointment particularly after his Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters and Yamagola Mallee Modalayyindi. The director is known for minimum guaranty of returns. Kuberulu tag line Vallaki Annee Appule may well reflect on the producers of the film.

The Synopsis

Yarlagadda Siva Ram (Sivaji) is young man and an ardent fan of the chief minister. Even the abbreviation of his name is YSR. He has political ambitions and wants to become the panchayat president of his village. His friend Babu (Ali) happens to be a fan of N Chandrababu Naidu.
Siva Ram borrows money left, centre and right in the village to contest elections. He loses the polls to his rival (Chalapathi Rao). Unable to repay the loans, he goes to Hyderabad to make money somehow. His friend Babu also joins him.
They meet their friend Ram Babu (Krishna Bhagawan) with great difficulty. But Ram Babu is after a gang who stole Nizam’s jewelry. Sivaram and Babu under the leadership of Rambabu make attempts to get the treasure which has been concealed by the looters and get rich.
The rest of the story deals with whether these three succeed in their attempt.

Kuberulu movie review

The Performance

Sivaji’s imitation of Dr YS rajasekhar Reddy and Ali’s mimicry of Nara Chandrababu Naidu falls flat in the first half. They have nothing much to do in the second half by way of comic antics. Krishna Bhagawan also fails to evoke any laughter.
Kondavalasa, AVS, Raghu Babu and Suman Setty too could not bring any laughs by their episodes. Farzana is just a glamour prop. Hema, Apoorva, Kinnera and Ranjitha just go through the motions.

The Techniques

The story is the weakest link. The village politics do no lend any credence to what the protagonists do later, going on a leisurely treasure hunt. For any character to be credible, the actions of the character should be justified by convincing incidents with sufficient reasons for motivation.
Even a ribald comedy has to have convincing characters. Srinivasa Reddy has taken a weak plot and diluted it much further by lackluster screenplay.

Kuberulu movie review

The cinematography, audiography and editing is good, but of what use when they try to capture an insipid storyline with unimaginative incidents and contrived situations.
The Verdict
Kuberulu is just an average fare which brings in more fatigue than any rib-ticklers.
The Rating
2 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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