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Kshanam Released Music Themes From The Flick

Kshanam Released Music Themes From The Flick

Super Star Maheshbabu and Samantha jointly launched the theatrical trailer of Kshanam. The trailer has received tremendous response from across a wide range of audiences including the Tollywood and Bollywood critics, common audiences and friends. Looking at the response, the film unit of ‘Kshanam’ has come up with an idea to do something unique again. A film with suspense drama in its backdrop should have an excellent background score too. This makes the audiences to connect to the film perfectly. To make the audience feel the emotions of ‘Kshanam’, the film unit has decided to release some of the important music bits as music themes before the audio launch. This is being done for the first time in Telugu film industry. The theme of ‘Nostalgia’ is being released on Valentine’s day.

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