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KSD Appalraju coming on Feb 10

KSD Appalraju coming on Feb 10

So far films on Telangana related subject did not fare too well at the box-office. But times have changed and people are eagerly waiting for N Shankar’s Jai Bolo Telangna.

Jai Bolo Telangana deals with current topic and presence of people like K Chandrasekhar Rao will create buzz.

The film originally scheduled for Jan 28 release postponed due to issues with Censor Board. The film got A certificate with minor cuts.

N Shankar is distributing the film in Nizam and Suresh Productions is distributing it in Andhra and Ceded areas.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalraju slated for Feb 4 pushed to Feb 10 to avoid clash with Jai Bolo Telangana.

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