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Kona Takes Again on Srinu

Kona Takes Again on Srinu

A film succeeds on team effort and there is no other rule to it. Everybody involved in the movie has to generate best of him/her to gain the profits for producer and to earn livelihood for themselves. And this is the rule unique from the lead actors to the spot boys. The creative burden is something solely for the story writers, screen writers and dialogue writers, and they are required more co-operation from all departments.

Writer Kona Venkat and Director Srinu Vytla were divided to serious issues of title cards when Srinu added his name in dialogues of ‘Dookudu’, which has hurt Kona.

Kona recently said, “Nobody can decide the worth and value of a technician. I proved myself by brining the positive results for ‘Balupu’ and ‘Geethanjali’ without the support and teaming with Srinu Vytla”.

Now, it is time for Srinu to prove his worth without Kona.

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