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Komaram Puli behind Komaram Bheem release?

Komaram Puli behind Komaram Bheem release?

Komaram Puli inspired the release of Komaram Bheem? Initially, Pawan Kalyan’s film titled Puli and later changed to Komaram Puli. The big budget film is produced by Singanamala Ramesh and directed by SJ Surya. Oscar winner AR Rahman has composed music. Producer is planning to release the film worldwide with highest number of prints in the second half of June.

Komaram Bheem was 20 years old film that did not see light of the day. Director Allani Sridhar’s film Komaram Bheem (1990) has won two Nandi awards.

Now, FDC, in association with Komaram Bheem Foundation and others are taking initiative to release the film on June 25.

The story was based on the versions of the surviving participants of the famous Gond uprising of 1940. Initially, the director planned a documentary and after six months research they found enough material to make a film. As distributors did not show any interest in the film it was delayed for such a long time.

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