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Kodi Punju Movie Review

Kodi Punju Movie Review

The Film

Kodi Punju Movie Review

Kodi Punju is a vain attempt to project Tanish as a mass hero through an age old story of village political rivalry that is told with a collage of hotchpotch incidents.

The Synopsis

Abhimanyu (Tanish), son of Sitaratnam (Roja) falls in love with Nandini (Shobhana), daugther of Ramachandra Rao (Sivakrishna) who is the president of the village and widely respected. His political post is always challenged by his rival Bapineedu. Meanwhile Ramachandra Rao comes to know about the love affair of his daughter with Abhimanyu and he disapproves it. In a moment of uncontrolled anger, Ramachandra Rao makes some offending remarks on Sitaratnam and Abhimanyu is upset. He then makes up his mind to become the village president defeating Ramachandra Rao. The rest of the story deals with how Abhimanyu takes up his challenge to win over both the father and daughter. As expected, there is a twist before the climax.

The Performances

Kodi Punju Movie Review

Tanish fails to make any impression mainly because his role has not been properly delineated. Roja has been given a meaty part and she enjoys essaying her character. Shobhana is cute and has nothing much to do. Sivakrishna is convincing as the village president. All others go through their motions.

The Techniques

Basically the backdrop of the village politics appear to be obsolete and a weak plot along with improper characterization has adversely affected the narration. Most of the incidents are contrived and many situations including the climax are predictable. The mother-son fixation has been overdone. The screenplay is bumpy in its flow. The dialogues are ordinary. Music has nothing much to rave about. Technically, the film is poorly made.

The Verdict

Kodi Punju makes a hash of the meaning of cinematic entertainment. It is not worth a visit to the theater.

The Cast and Crew
Tanish, Shobhana, Roja, Sivakrishna, Sridhar, MS Narayana and others
Music Director: Anoop Rubens
Lyricst: Bhaskara Bhatla, Krishna Chaitanya
Producer: SS Bujjibabu
Director: BVV Chowdhary

The Rating
1.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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