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Knock Out Movie Review

Knock Out Movie Review

Knock Out Hindi Movie Review

Knock Out Hindi Movie Review

The Film

Knock Out is a well made thriller with an underlying comment on the black money stashed away in Swiss banks by dirty politicians.

The Synosis

A street smart banker (Irrfan Khan) functions as the conduit to stash away the ill-gotten wealth of politicians in Swiss banks. Things turn to the worse when he enters a phone booth and is confronted by an unseen assassin (Sanjay Dutt) who threatens him with death if he does not make public all the dirty deals made by him. A cat and mouse game starts between the two and a TV reporter (Kangna Ranaut) gets drawn into the drama. A police officer (Sushant Singh) on beat duty adds spice to the proceedings. Then there is the dirty politician (Gulshan Grover) playing his games. The thrilling and suspenseful events lead to an unconventional climax.

The Performances

Irrfan Khan steals the show with his scintillating performance. Sanjay Dutt is sauve and clever as the conscentious assassin. Kangana adds the glamour quotient. All others are adequate.

The Techniques

A well written story with a gripping screenplay makes the film a thriller to be watched. Dialogues are good. Music adds to the narration. Cinematography confined mostly to tight close ups makes its impact on the story telling.

The Verdict

Director Mani Shankar’s film Knock Out is worthy of a visit to the theatre.

The Cast and crew

Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut, Irrfan Khan, Gulshan Grover, Sushant Singh, Asif Basra

Music Director: Gaurav Dasgupta

Lyricist: Panchhi Jalonvi

Producer: Sohail Maklai

Banner: Sohail Maklai Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Aap Entertainment Ltd

Director: Mani Shankar

The Rating

3.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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