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KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

Do we need more working days to make a film hit? If so, what happened to Ram Charan Tej’s Orange that took reasonably long time?

Take the case of Rakta Charitra that was made in three languages with just Rs 12 crore budget by big director Ram Gopal Varma.

There are enough examples of film making in short time and hitting big at box-office. Arundhati and Magadheera films may take more time compared with run of the mill formula films.

Director Shankar takes usually longer time to make a film. But nobody complains against him.

In the good olden days when the technology was little in use they made films in very short period. But why some directors taking such agonizing long time in this high tech days?

Dasari Narayana Rao and Raghavendra Rao delivered over 4 films in a year in their heydays. Those films made in couple of months ran for over 200 days. Now-a-days, films made in over a year are running just a month.

There are several blockbusters that were made in short time

Move Completed in Days

Naa Desham 17

Yamagola 27

Sardar Paparayudu 28

Ladies Tailor 28

Vetagadu 32

Premabhishekam 32

Pratighatana 32

Maayalodu 62

Padaharella Vayasu 35

Eenadu 35

Shubhalagnam 36

Sitara 40

Kondaveeti Simham 53

Shiva 55

Geetanjali 60

Sinhaasanam 65

(including Hindi)

Gharana Mogudu 70

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