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Kevvu Keka Movie Review

Kevvu Keka Movie Review

Allari Naresh after his Action 3D came to entertain veiwers with Kevvu Keka. The film directed by Devi Prasad hit the screens in a grand manner and let us see what impact it made on viewers.

The film revolves entirely on Money Backdrop. A salesman at Kalamandir Showroom, Buchchi Babu (Allari Naresh) falls in love with Mahi (Sharmila Mandre) daughter of richest person Subba Rao (MS.Narayana). Subba Rao who runs after money aspires to get his daughter married to richer person than him and challenges Buchchi Babu to become one. Buchchi Babu takes up the challenge and promises to return back as a rich guy in 6 months time.

How Buchchi Babu achieves the impossible and marry his lady love forms the crux of Kevvu Keka.

Naresh’s performance, especially his dances
Comedy is ok
Sharmila Mandre’s beauty

Routine Story
Weak screenplay and direction
mediocre songs and their picturisation
slow pace of the film

Devi Prasad for some reason reduced the comedy content in the film and showed Naresh in a subdued manner. First half is good but he lost the plot in the second half.

Editing is bad. Background score is ok. Production values are good. Climax is bad. Cinematography is ok.

Viewers Verdict
Kevvu Keka missed Comedy Keka!

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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