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Kerry Katona goes for tummy tuck

Kerry Katona goes for tummy tuck

London, Oct 3 :  Singer Kerry Katona has opted for a tummy tightening treatment to keep herself slim after having lost weight with her new lifestyle regime.

The former “Atomic Kitten” star stopped gorging on fattening food and even hired a personal trainer, but now she is seeking help from a clinic in Stockport, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Katona is undergoing a course of Mesotherapy, which promises tighter skin by using tiny needles to deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids under the epidermis to help the production of collagen and stimulate the metabolism.

The procedure targets specific areas of the body and helps in toning saggy arms and stomach, love handles and thighs. It costs

Katona is getting the treatment for her lower tummy area below her belly button. The area sags as a result of having four children.

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