Keka cinema review – a worthless fare of a stale love tale

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Kayka Movie review

Keka Movie review
The Cast and Crew
Raja, Ishana, Anup Kumar, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Thalaivasu Vijay and 35 fresh faces
Cinematography: P.C.Sriram
Music director: Chakri
Editing: Shankar
Choreography: Shankar, Suchitra
Lyrics: Veturi, Seetarama Shastry, Chandrabose
Executive producer: K Jagadeesh Reddy
Story, screenplay, dialogues, producer and directer : Teja

The Film

Keka is Teja’s directorial venture after a long hiatus. Keka is a much hyped film. Keka in Telugu means to hail a friend, to shout at someone, to wail in pain or to howl in anger. Teja’s Keka is certainly not to hail a friend. The other three meanings are more apt.
Moreover, the title Keka has no connection with the story of the film.

Keka cinema review

Keka cinema review

The Synopsis
Arjun (Raja) and Sujatha (Ishana) fall in love with each other in a village, where they have gone for holidays from Hyderabad. After an incident and misunderstanding, Sujatha and Arjun are separated.
Sujatha’s parents fix up plans to marry her to Kiran (Anup). Because Kiran is good friend, Arjun goes away to Kolkatha and takes care of an orphanage.
With some twists and turns, the rest of the story deals with whether Sujatha marries Kiran or unite with Arjun.

The Performance
Raja is impressive in his debut film. This boy looks like staying for a long time in the film industry. Ishana should join a good Institute that teaches Acting before accepting her next assignment.
All other fresh faces look like a carpenter’s delight.

The Techniques
Any story can be narrated interestingly. But, with Keka, anyone is justified if he/she thinks that Teja is truly a 3-film wonder and nothing else. Teja’s screenplay just drags on from one boring incident to a more boring sequence. The characterization is very poor. The twists and turns are contrived. Dialogues are insipid. Comedy actually makes you wince in embarrassment.
The lyrics and music are good, but fade away into no recognition zone because of a worthless screenplay. For the same reason, even the cinematography of PC Sriram looks out of place.

Kayka cinema review

Kayka cinema review

The Verdict
Watching Keka gives you an acute pain at both ends of your spinal chord. You can go and see the movie, if you are extremely self-destructive or immune to any pain.
However, those who are immune to pain are immune to pleasure also.
The Rating
1.5 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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