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Keep doing the Good Work Samantha

Keep doing the Good Work Samantha

People film from the industry are very kind at heart especially the heroines of the industry are very helpful and caring. One of the most popular heroines of the industry Samantha is known for her charity. She is the brand ambassador for supporting many charitable trusts. As she is a celebrity her voice is appealing to the masses and her charity efforts don’t go in vain.
The latest update about this glamorous heroine is that Samantha has given her approval for project 511 which was featured in Rajamouli’s film ‘Eega’. This NGO works for the improvement of educational facilities for poor students by providing notebooks, textbooks and other stationary items. We think that might Samantha have seen the good work of this NGO while shooting for ‘Eega’ and now she has come forward to participate in the good work.

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