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Kay Kay Menon and Manish Gupta Team up Again

Kay Kay Menon and Manish Gupta Team up Again

Gupta met on the sets of ‘Sarkar’ and they are going along well with each other. Manish when started his career as a director he approached Kay Kay to play a role in his debut film. The two talked about their companionship as an actor and director.

Manish said, “Kay Kay and I go a long way back. I first met him on the sets of Sarkar that I wrote and I found his performance absolutely electric. I conveyed to him that I’m going to soon turn director and shall cast him. When I made my directorial debut with The Stoneman Murders, I cast him to play the main lead. When I approached him once again for Rahasya he said “Teri film hai naa, I’m doing it. I know the script will be kickass”.

KK said, “But I have had my differences with him too (laughs). His loud voice and boisterous mannerisms are hard to cope with, leading to an argument but in the end, we always manage to reach a consensus. On the positive side, Manish is focused on his work, highly disciplined, punctual and does his homework thoroughly. Also, what is striking is that he breaks down the entire film into a storyboard, a practice seen largely only in Hollywood. He possesses a fanatical tenacity for what he believes in.

To this Manish said laughing, “Kay Kay surely you are surely brave for coping with someone as difficult as me. As an artist, I place him in the league of Naseeruddin Shah and Amitabh Bachchan. I’m glad that our collaboration is being appreciated by audience and people are still turning up at theatres to watch the film. I wish to continue this collaboration with him and shall continue to work with him for as long as I’m making films.

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