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Kausalya Supraja Rama – Movie review 2

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review

Kausalya Supraja Rama – Tailor-made flick for Srikanth

Srikanth, Charmme and Gouri Munjal, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani, Krishna Bhagawan, LB Sriram, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Venumadhav, Siva Reddy, Chalapati Rao, Raghunatha Reddy, Uttej, Hema, Apoorva, Sairabanu, Anita, Sana, Master Deepak and others.

Dialogues: Satyanand
Art: B Venkateswara Rao
Lyrics: Veturi, Vanamali, Peddada Murthy, Ramajogaiah Sastry
Action: Satish
Camera: Pratap V Kumar
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Choreography: Krishna Reddy and Nixon
Music: Koti
Producer: D Ramanaidu
Story, screenplay and direction: Surya Prasad.
Banner: Sri Suresh Productions
Released on: October 9, 2008 

After playing a performance-oriented film like ‘Mantra’, Charmme returned to form and started getting opportunities. Once again she returned to her normal glamorous characters with oomph. However, the directors are a little cautious in penning her role and ensure that it too had some scope for performance instead of remaining a glam doll just to shake legs with the hero in a couple of duets. This is the third film for Charmme with Srikanth after ‘Neeke Manasichanu and Michael Madana Kamaraju’. For Surya Teja this is the second film with the same combination of hero and heroine.


Sriram (Srikant) is a person with kind heart. Once he comes across a girl (Gowri Munjal) who is being chased

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

by some persons. Unknowingly, Sriram get her caught even as she was hiding. On learning that they were goons, he tries to resist, but in the process, that girl gets badly hurt and goes into coma. Before going into coma, she reveals that her husband’s name is Ravi and pleads with Sriram not reveal her husband and it would be dangerous. He admits that girl to a hospital with the name Lakshmi and signs the papers as her husband. In fact, Sriram is software professional and works with Narayana Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao). He develops a software and earns a US contract for the company. Being a trusted man, he pleads with his boss to sign the surety for Rs 10 lakh loan for the surgery of Lakshmi to get her consciousness and join her husband. But Narayana Rao postpones it till his return from the US. During that time, Narayana Rao assigns his house and pet dog to Sriram and tells him to look after them well. After he left for the US, Narayana Rao’s daughter Supraja (Charmme) makes her entry.Then comes Narayana Rao’s son (Siva Reddy),

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

who was suffering from short-time memory loss. Later, some more persons enter the house in the name of relatives (LB Sriram, Apoorva and Sairabanu). Sriram was forced to look after everyone on the orders of Supraja. He patiently serves everyone.

At the same he unites Narayana Rao and Supraja who were at loggerheads on Ugadi day. Learning this, Supraja loses her heart to Sriram. After sometime, she proposes too, but Sriram gently rejects the proposal saying he is from a middle-class family and her father is his boss. Once, Supraja brings a photograph of her sister Kausalya (Gowri Munjal).

Everyone believe that she died in an accident / suicide following her father’s refusal for her love marriage. But it is the same girl who Sriram saved. Who is Ravi? Did Sriram able to get consciousness to Kausalya? Was Sriram able to join Kausalya with her husband? What happened to the love between Supraja and Sriram? Did Narayana Rao accept to the love marriage of Supraja as he refused to get Kausalya married to her lover? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


The story and the character were like tailor-made for Srikanth. Especially, Srikanth did many such roles

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

Kausalya Supraja Rama - Movie review 2

earlier. He showed good ease in dances, especially when a glamour doll like Charmme is playing opposite him. He gave nice performance in emotional scenes and it is very easy going for a seasoned artiste like Srikanth. The film reminds audiences of Srikanth’s earlier films like ‘Pellam Voorelithe’ and other such family dramas.Charmme once again returned to form and got a big opportunity to play in a big banner like Suresh Productions. However, the director chose to give her character a romantic look and in almost all the songs, her costumes were designed with extreme tight fit to ooze oomph.Though Gowri Munjal is said to be another heroine, she had no role to play but for a duet with Sivaji who made a special appearance in the film in a very short role. Others tried their best to do justice to their roles.


When it comes to the part behind the screen, tunes by Koti are okay and the producer spent a lot for their choreography in foreign locales like Malaysia, Lankavi, Kuala Lumpur and other such beautiful foreign locales. One song was canned in Vizag and and another at the latest studio built by Ramanaidu there. Camera work by Pratap is okay and there not much speciality in it. Editing by Marthand should have been a little more sharp as many scenes were stretched beyond the limits. Surya Prasad chose old modeled direction. Though he maintained some suspense, he unraveled it in the middle for the convenience of audience but continued in the film. The screenplay is gripping. He was able to maintain different elements like family drama, love, sentiment and suspense. However, the audiences were forced to sit tight in the seats with impatience, though some scenes appear boring.


The audiences will have high expectations on a film coming on the banner of Suresh Productions. Not only the story, the writer should be cautious even in penning comedy track. The poor and cheap comedy filled with lust and vulgarity doesn’t suit the banner. It was a big mistake on the part of the director and writer to keep such cheap comedy track between LB Sriram, Apoorva, Krishna Bhagawan and Venumadhav. He doesn’t leave even Saira Banu character without lust though the character elevated the love track between hero and heroine. Some scenes were stretched beyond limits. The director failed to use a senior artiste like Brahmanandam in a proper way to tickle the funny bone of audiences. Despite maintaining good tempo till the climax, the film would remain an average flick for the city audiences. For others, the film could be watched once.

Review by Aparichithudu

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