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Katy Perry fantasises sleeping with Cheryl Cole

Katy Perry fantasises sleeping with Cheryl Cole

London, Sep 4, Singer Katy Perry,who is weeks away from getting married to her fiance Russell Brand, says had she been single she would have slept with singer Cheryl Cole.

Katy, who was recently a guest judge alongside Cheryl, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell on “The X Factor”, is in awe of Cheryl.

“I adore Cheryl – she’s amazing. I’m very happy with my own English stud, but if I wasn’t with him I’d be trying to date Cheryl,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

“Nobody should be as beautiful as she is. I know people get turned on by Simon’s power but if I was single I’d rather sleep with Cheryl than Simon.”

Katy also hinted that Cheryl has landed a role on the US version of “The X Factor” which is set to launch next year and says she would love for them to work on music together.

“After ‘The X Factor’ I think she’ll be a fashion icon. The US is going to love her and I want to perform with her,” she said.

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