Katrina’s fans angry with Arshad Warsi’s comments

Katrina's fans angry with Arshad Warsi's comments

The fans and supporters of Katrina Kaif are angry with Arshad Warsi’s comments on the actress on a micro-blog. Warsi was commenting on a software drink commercial of Katrina.

Arshad Warsi posted: “How pakao is Katrina in the Slice ad, kairi pakadti hai aur vo aam ban jata hai… Angoor do toh shayad Wine banjayegi…”

Soon the micro-blog site was flooded with angry comments from the fans of Katrina and also from celebrities. Arshad Warsi had to backtrack in a hurry but he did not apologies.

Arshad Warsi wrote again: “My comment has nothing to do with Katrina. It’s just a homourous observation on the creatives of the ad. Its called sense of humour.”

However, many people are not ready to forgive Arshad Warsi’s sense of humour.

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