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Katrina Kaif is now on collectible bottles

Katrina Kaif is now on collectible bottles

A beverage brand which is endorsed by Katrina Kaif has now come out with a limited edition of collectible bottles which can be won by her fans by winning a contest. The Katrina inspired collectible bottles however do not contain any beverage in them but they are just a collector’s item adorning the shelves.

According to TAM Adex, Katrina Kaif is ahead of other Bollywood female stars in the celebrity endorsements segment. She is currently endorsing as many as 12 brands like Nakshatra, Veet, Slice Aamsutra, Godrej, Dyna Sandal Soap, Spice Telecom, and Pantene.

Katrina’s films had enjoyed a high success rate and she has an ever growing fan base across the world.

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