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Katrina Kaif in Twitter trouble

Katrina Kaif in Twitter trouble

Katrina Kaif in Twitter trouble

An imposter has opened sites in social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter and posting all sorts of news claiming to be Katrina.

Katrina Kaif has been receiving calls endlessly about her profiles that have been put up on these sites.The imposter has also been spreading false news about her. This is causing much discomfort to the actress who has been forced to answer many queries about the statements being put up by her imposter.

Recently, Katrina got a call from a famous director asking her feedback about the script which he claimed to have discussed with her on Twitter. Katrina had to clarify that she does not use any networking sites at all.

In another incident, Katrina happened to get a call from a famous studio head about another project which was discussed on a networking site.

Katrina Kaif is now clarifying with everyone that she never uses such portals to talk about her work.

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