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Katrina’s action sequence in Main Krishna Hoon

Katrina’s action sequence in Main Krishna Hoon

For the first time in her Bollywood career, Katrina Kaif has done an action sequence for the film Main Krishna Hoon. This is a animation-cum-live action film being made by Rajeev Ruia who earlier helmed My friend Ganesha.

Main Krishna Hoon has an animated Lord Krishna who helps a boy called Krishna. Katrina, who plays a cameo in the film, fights the goons to save Krishna. Sources say that her action scenes have come out very well.

Hrithik Roshan will also be seen in the film towards the climax. Juhi Chawla plays the lead role in this film.

This 3D film is being produced by Nandan Mahato, spot boy to Juhi Chawla and Hrithik Roshan. It is co-produced by Pomilla, hair dresser to Katrina.

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