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Kathanayakudu… a preview

Kathanayakudu… a preview Rajinikanth’s film titled Kuselan in Tamil and Kathanayakudu in Telugu, is directed by Rajini P. Vasu and produced by K. Balachander’s Kavithalaya. This is a remake of Mammootty’s Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol.

The story of Kathanayakudu deals with the life of Balan, a poor barber living in a village with his wife and three children. Balan is a very honest manand god fearing.. Being very poor, he struggles to make both ends meet. His entire family lives in abject poverty.

A rich Cine actor, played by Rajinikanth, comes to the village for shooting a film. Ashokraj happens to be a childhood classmate of Balan. Knowing this connection, Balan’s wife starts pestering him to go to the actor and get a few lakhs of rupees, so that their family can come out of the clutches of poverty.

However, Balan meets his childhood friend, the rich actor. The rest of the story deals with what happens between the true friends. The suspense of the story lies in whether Balan gets any help from his rich actor friend.

The treatment of the film is said to have all the elements of nava rasas, and the usual stylish portrayal by Rajinikanth.

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