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Katha Telugu Movie Review

Katha Telugu Movie Review

Katha Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Katha described as a romantic thriller has neither romance nor thrill nor chill.

Katha Telugu Movie Review

Katha Telugu Movie Review

The Synopsis

Krishna (Arun Aditya) an aspiring filmmaker comes to Araku and finds Chitra (Genelia) all alone and working as a teacher. She suffers from nightmares. Then we are told that her father, a college principal in North India, and all of her other family members had been killed by goondas. We are also told that she spent sometime in a mental asylum.

Chitra again witnesses a murder and police officer Shanmukha Rao (Prakash Raj) and constable Raju (Shafee) dismiss it as another hallucination of Chitra.
Is the murder seen by Chitra really a hallucination or is there something else? The rest of the story deals with unraveling the mystery.



The Performances

Genelia gives a good performance as a disturbed girl. Prakash Raj as usual gives an energetic performance. Arun Aditya is unimpressive. Raghubabu, Tulasi, Jayalalitha and Ravikiran Babu are adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

Katha is an example of a potentially good story very badly told. The screenplay is the major drawback of the film and the narration is too slow for any interest in viewing. The director Srinivas Raaga has still to learn the nuances of making a film that is watchable. The dialogues are average. The music is uninspiring. Cinematography by Andrew is pleasing. The editing and sound design is poor.

Katha Telugu Movie Review

Katha Telugu Movie Review

The Verdict

Katha can safely be avoided until it is telecast on some TV channel or other.

The Cast and Crew

Genelia, Prakash Raj, Arun Aditya, Shafi, Raghubabu, Tulasi, Jayalalitha, Ravikiran Babu, Praneeth, Srilatha, and others

Music: S K Balachandran

Cinematography: I Andrew

Director: Srinivas Raaga

Producer: Gunnam Gangaraju

Banner: Just Yellow Media pvt ltd

Director: Srinivas Raaga

The Rating

1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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