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Kasab’s Home Town Angry After Execution

Kasab's Home Town Angry After Execution

When the lone terrorist Ajmal Kasab, was executed secretly early morning by India, entire nation celebrated in joy. However his home town showed its anger on India.

Farmers of the impoverished village of Faridkot, the former home of 25-year-old Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, ashed out at India and hounded out journalists who asked about their notorious son.

They were heard saying “We don’t like anyone being given capital punishment. It is better to pardon,”. They went on to add “India is Pakistan’s enemy and wants to weaken our country. We have no interest whatsoever in what India did with Kasab,”.

Some saw Indian conspiracy angle saying “This is a conspiracy against Pakistan. India deliberately implicated Pakistan to get it declared a terrorist state,” and advocated Pakistan’s tit for tat action saying “Pakistan should also hang an Indian incarcerated in a Pakistani jail,”.

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