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Karthikeya Pair ‘mis’using the Noble Cause?


Ice-Bucket Challenge is a global trend now after the celebrities worldwide took it for charity. However, there is always a flipside of the story. The Tollywood stars ruined the sole purpose of the activity by ‘mis’using it for the promotion of their movies.

Nikhil and Swathi became the hot properties of the industry after ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. The pair is now eying upon the success of their forthcoming flick ‘Karthikeya’. The duo has taken the ‘Ice-Bucket Challenge’ as an opportunity to promote their film. They drenched themselves wet while chattering about the arrival of their film on silver screens.

Hero Nikhil later tried to convince all by his aim to share the profits of the movie for charity but the critics seemed not so convinced. The video shows more of Karthikeya than the actual cause.

‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is a global trend now to help the victims of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a nerve disorder.

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