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Kareena torn between Aamir Khan and SRK

Kareena torn between Aamir Khan and SRK

Kareena Kapoor is having a very embarrassing time as she has to please both Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan with her presence at their respective films.

Kareena is likely to miss the premiere of SRK’s RA.One at Dubai, London ans Toronto because she had to undergo special training for an underwater sequence in the film Dhuaan where she co-stars Aamir Khan.

However, Kareena cannot afford to be not at the premiere of India’s highest budgeted Rs 150 Cr film RA.One.

Sources say that managers on either side are working out suitable dates so that Kareena can attend both the RA.One premiere and also the shoot for Aamir’s film.

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