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Kareena Kapoor Refuses To Rehearse Her Roles

Kareena Kapoor Refuses To Rehearse Her Roles

It has become a common practice in Bollywood these days to conduct rehearsals or even special workshops to actors before the start of shooting for the film.

But Kareena Kapoor continuously refuses to attend any rehearsals or workshops before the shoot. Even for the big ticket film Heroine, she has refused to rehearse.

Kareena Kapoor is said to heavily rely on her instincts and spontaneity as an actor and is known to commit heavily to each role. This is what some filmmakers say about the actress:

Rajkumar Hirani : “I usually have a habit of conducting rehearsals for my actors, but she insisted on not having them as it would affect her spontaneity.”

Karan Johar : ” She is natural and she has no craft, grammar or process attached to her acting. It is a great sense of cinema that can keep her going.”

Rensil D’Silva : “Kareena is instinctive and has emotional intelligence. She absorbs the situation and performs accordingly. Discussing the scene, in fact, harms her.”

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