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Kareena Kapoor And Amrita Singh Almost Clashed

Kareena Kapoor And Amrita Singh Almost Clashed

Saif Ali Khan‘s ex-wife Amrita Singh walked into the YRF studio and headed for her make up room on the ground floor, When she saw Saif’s beau Kareena Kapoor‘s name on the door of the opposite makeup room, she left the area and went to a different location to avoid a sticky situation. According to sources, Kareena was not present at the studio when Amrita arrived.

Amrita is playing an important role in the film Aurangzeb which is being produced by YRF and directed by Atul Sabharwal. She arrived there for the shoot.

There’s an unwritten rule in Bollywood . Uncomfortable situations involving personal or professional rivals are studiously avoided.The YRF staff have now shifted Amrita Singh’s make up room to a different floor.

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